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Dream Big

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Founder Profile

Michael Allen Magliulo was born on Oahu in 1984, but was raised on the island of Hawaii, spending most of his young life in the small town of Hilo. The environment he was surrounded with was the unique social, cultural and natural landscape of the Big Island. It was during these crucial years that he found his love for and fascination with music. By the eighth grade, music had become an obsession with him, and he especially identified with country music. By his senior year at Waiakea High School in Hilo, Michael had developed his songwriting and performing, and invested his talent into learning other instruments like the ukulele, piano, alto saxophone, drums and bass. His musical identity began to flourish, and along with it, his interest in other forms of art. 

In college, Michael selected a film education that combined for an eclectic mix of styles, and graduated in 2006 from the USC School of Cinema-Television. He had developed a personal concentration, focusing on documentary, television, the Western, and his true ambition, music videos. After graduating, Michael moved away from the big city and into Alhambra, a much more “Main Street” community. With more time to invest, Michael continued recording and assembling tracks, discs and demos. He is still adding to his body of work; besides writing, performing and recording, he has produced three of his own music videos, and continues to pursue his passion for music every day. 

Michael would like to thank you sincerely for your continued support, and encourages you, as he, to Dream Big. Thank you for visiting Big Sky Entertainment.

The Sky's The Limit

Founder: Michael A. Magliulo

Established: 1999

There are no boundaries, only bridges. Cross with us.

"My Voice, My Strength; My Music, My Passion." - Michael A. Magliulo


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